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FAQs about our wine

Frequently Asked Questions about Raven's Glenn Ohio Wines


What kinds of grapes do you grow?


We grow three grape varietals in our vineyards:


  • Vidal Blanc -- for making Raven's Glenn Vidal Blanc and Ice Wine
  • Chardonel -- for making our White October wine
  • Noiret -- for making our new port-style wine, Scarlet Raven


How many grapes are produced in your vineyard each year?


  • Depending on weather and growing conditions we will produce between 35 and 40 tons of grapes a year


When do you harvest the grapes?


  • Harvest begins in early September and continues through the first of October
  • Some Vidal Blanc grapes, for our Ohio Ice Wine, are harvested after the grapes are frozen on the vines.  This can begin any time from December through February, depending on the weather


We took the Raven's Glenn winery tour (here) and saw those enormous tanks where you make wine.  How many bottles are in a tank?


  • Our tanks are manufactured in Europe and their volumes are measured in hectoliters, so these gallon measurements are approximate.  Each gallon produces five bottles of wine. 
  • The 500 gallon tank will hold approximately 1500 bottles of wine
  • The 1500 gallon tank will hold approximately 4500 bottles of wine. 


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